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Tivon Fine Jewellery

A dedication to bespoke craft combined with an unrelenting zeal for seeking out the finest gemstones is the secret to why our jewellery stands out for all the right reasons.

South African in its roots and based in the United Kingdom since 2003, TIVON is known for its passion for colour combined with old European tastes and design. Only the finest gemstones are selected for its creations with each gem being carefully selected, precision cut and faceted for maximum beauty and brilliance. With both classical as well as avant garde designs, TIVON focuses on the bespoke, the exclusive and the rare.

"Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in Tivon Fine Jewellery. I will be able to help you get that extra sparkle you are looking for..."
Leonora Smee
Tivon Brand Ambassador

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